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How to start with product importing in Magento
Our software will set a good base into product importing and flexible data management.
You just need a csv file or txt file from your wholesaler with product data with basic information like
unique identifier (SKU), Product title, description,  category name, price,  and image url in it.

The Universal Product Importer can easily re-write data from the original CSV feed to a full Magento XML format in seconds.
For several big wholesalers and dropshippers we have already mapped the related data colums. These import profiles will save you the time of mapping specific data e.g. try or created import profiles for Pixmania-Pro,  Sexdistributing Toys or Ingram Micro.

Can I create my own mark-up prices?

Yes, you can set your own custom margins on the products:
Both the price ranges as profits are customizable.

Price range 1-10 will be converted to 10% profit.
Price range 10-100 can be converted to 5% profit.
Price range 50-1000 can be converted to 3% profit.

Will the Universal Product Importer import categories.
Since Magento still doesn't import categories from CSV's by default we also don't support this yet.
You can add them manually via the Magento Back-end and later rewrite the categories to corresponding category ID's to correctly map them.

Our software is also compatible with a free community extension that can import categories directly from CSV's.
The structure that can be imported is: Maincat/subcat1/subcat2/subcat3 

If you have an other layout than above please contact us for a custom (category) import service.

Which version of Magento do I need?
Our software supports Magento shops starting from version 1.0 and above.

How long does it take to get used to the Universal Product Importer?
With the Universal Product Importer, importing should be a 1-2 day task. Although the converter is well documented, many users find data management a hard task. With the Universal Product Importer, data can be imported without specific programming experience and it will save you a lot of time!

Is the converter Microsoft Excel compatible?
With our universal product importer you can edit existing Excel files, create new Excel files from conversion/data-feeds, re-arrange product data, assign products to categories or calculate prices and cost prices. All your data will be rewritten to a MS Excel compatible file which can be imported manually into Magento or via the Automatic Updater.

Which feeds formats are compatible?
Our converter supports a wide range of feeds and many standard formats. CSVs are well supported. Use any type of separator. e.g. TAB, ~, ;

Does the converter work with .txt files too?
Basically the converter works with any data file as long it has got text data and a separator. The converter it's universal usage allows users to manage their data or add data if it's not provided by their whole seller.

Is the converter limited to any cart system?
The converter is NOT limited to rewriting to any data scheme. This universal usage allows the converter to be used for Magento but also other E-commerce systems.

Will you frequently release updates?
Yes, we develop free add-ons to extend your software. We have a forum where multiple add-ons will be made available.

Do you support data from wholesalers?
Our software supports many different data feeds from whole sellers from all over the world. Just make sure there is basic
information in it like a unique identifier (SKU), Product title, description,  category name, price,  and image url in it.