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20 MAY 2014 - New supplier, improved connector performance.

We have added the following NEW supplier: WAVE-Computers.
General optimizations and compatibility improvements were made to various feeds for better performance.
Coming months we will start focussing on resell and license possibilities for webdevelopers.  

1 January 2014 - New suppliers and outlook for 2014

First off, the Magdeveloper.com team wishes you a very happy and succesfull 2014!
We are very proud of what we were able to achieve last year, building a new, robust, and super easy to use
product import platform that eases the import proces for a vast amount of e-commerce companies around the world.
More and more, smaller and larger companies have adopted Live-Sync as their prefered choice of data-import technogy.
We will continue to improve the system perfomance wise, add new suppliers and constantly keep adding new features.
-The last few months we have added new suppliers to the system:
Synnex, Ingram FR, Gameformule.
-2014 will bring advance Import reports with statusses and we will focus on licensing our
technology to third-party develeopers and webdevelopment studios. Happy selling :)  

3 September 2013 - Improved Icecat compatibility and speed.

-We have further improved Icecat compatibility for use with e.g. Ingram Micro.
-We further optimized Live-Sync for multi-store environments.
-New Supplier: Wave Computers now integrated!
-Your supplier not in the list? Contact us!

7 May 2013 - Major Magento Live-Sync platform update announcement!

The last two months we have been working very hard on several new platform features to improve your import expercience:
-Live-Sync will now automaticly import attributes such as EAN and Manufacturer into your shop which can be used e.g. for
Google Shopping or other listing directories. This is a huge achievement because attributes can offer a whole range
of new possibilities with other third-party modules.
-Added multi-shop support: You can now run Magento Live-Sync in a multi-store setup.
-Added support for Ingram Micro DE.
-We have started working on a new informative tour website for Magento Live-Sync.

7 May 2013 - Major Magento Live-Sync platform update announcement!

The last two months we have been working very hard on several new platform features to improve your import expercience:
-Live-Sync will now automaticly import attributes such as EAN and Manufacturer into your shop which can be used e.g. for
Google Shopping or other listing directories. This is a huge achievement because attributes can offer a whole range
of new possibilities with other third-party modules.
-Added multi-shop support: You can now run Magento Live-Sync in a multi-store setup.
-Added support for Ingram Micro DE.
-We have started working on a new informative tour website for Magento Live-Sync.

12 February 2013 - Critical update: Added Smart supplier data checking & performance update.

We have now added Smart Supplier data-checking before any feed gets imported into webshops.
In case that any data export from suppliers fails, the shop will not be updated with the corrupt feed.
Also we have completely re-written and improved the update routine of products and product urls.
Best thing about Live-Sync: All customers will now automaticly benefit from this update!

21 January 2013 - Added Real-time sync statusses to the synchronization page! See what's going on!

We have now implemented a new feature that will show you all the import statuses of your connectors!
Also, we have fixed an issue where in some cases product margins were not correctly updated.

15 January 2013 - Multi-image support for Nedis!

Dear Live-Sync user, first we want to wish you all the best and e-commerce succes for 2013!  :)
We are happy to anounce that we have now implemented multi-image suppoprt for Nedis.
When available, there will now be multiple images shown on the product details page.

18 December 2012 - Live-Sync Platform update!

This week we will implement a new data monitoring system that automatically checks and monitors all your connectors!

05 December 2012 - December DEAL!

Check out our Magento Kickstart hosting deal + Magento Live-Sync!

Magento Kickstart Hosting deal

16 November:  Eropartner for Magento Live-Sync released!

-Mag-Live Sync Performance update:

We have significantly improved the update speed of products after first the time import, now our update routine checks even smarter which products to update and which not.

14 November:  Eropartner for Magento Live-Sync released!

Eropartner for Magento Live-Sync
-We are happy to bring Eropartner to the Live-Sync platform.

28 October:  Ingram Micro UK for Magento Live-Sync announced!

Ingram for Magento Live-Sync

-We are happy to bring Ingram Micro UK to the Live-Sync platform.
This connector will be released on 2 Nov.  Please contact us for pricing and information.

22 October:  Nedis is now integrated with Magento Live-Sync!

We are happy to announce that we have added a third supplier to the online Live-Sync platform:

Register here!

Nedis for Magento Live-Sync

September:  Upgade license available for all Pixmania-pro clients!
Pixmania-pro for Magento Live-Sync

-If you are an existing customer and purchased our Universal Product Importer with the Pixmania-Pro import Profile you can now upgade to Pixmania-Pro Live-Sync for a heavily reduced price! Please contact us for pricing and upgrade information.

August:  Out of office from 08/14/2012 until  08/23/2012!

-Any new questions/enquiries will be read and answered after the 23th August.

August: NEW storefront + Pixmania-pro Live-Sync DEMO!

-Checkout our brand new Mag Live sync 2012 storefront with the latest information on the Live-Sync platform and a Live demo of our new Pixmania-pro connector which you can now checkout yourself!

-Go to the  DEMO store  here for our demo shop with results of Pixmania and Ingram Micro NL.
Please contact us for your Ingram Micro vendor, or integrating any other supplier  via the contact page.

July:  Magdeveloper Sync 2012 update

We have made significant progress on the new Magdeveloper Live Sync platform.
We have now finished implementing Pixmania-pro, we now support  10 countries.
Tech demo's will be released later this week for those interested so you can test the new technology within your own shop.
Please contact us for the details.

-We have also setup a DEMO store with the import results of Pixmania and Ingram Micro NL.
Please contact us for other Ingram Micro countries.

For more news click here:

June: Please follow our development updates on the upcoming Magdeveloper Live Sync 2012

Click here:

Go check out the preview with new information and some screenshots.

May: Taking Magdeveloper Live Sync pre-orders soon.

We will be taking pre-orders soon, limited reduced prices and information will be made available in coming weeks.

Main Highlights:
-Advanced online import platform;
-Automatic imports, stock and price updates;
-Forward orders or RMA's directly to your supplier*.
-Define your own custom markup prices;
-Import products to specific custom categories;
-Highly scalable solution for webshops:
(New features will be automatically added and made available for all users.)
-Choose one or multiple suppliers for your site!
-Compatible with both Magento Community and Enterprise versions.

* This feature will depend on the specific supplier possibilities.

February: Announcing Magdeveloper LiveSync

We are currently working on an exciting all new advanced online import platform for Magento Community and Enterprise versions which will come out a little bit later this year. The new system will give online store owners the possibility to automatically synchronize products, stock levels and prices from different wholesalers plus you can become an early adopter NOW! Click here for more details!

January: News regarding a new exciting product coming in February!

New product announcement coming soon!
In February we will be highlighting the first details of a new exciting upcoming product. 

November: Universal Product Importer software v1.8 just released!
-This is a big update so please see a list of new features below.

-Improved re-writing of image names from full url or just image names to the correct Magento format.
-Automatic column merging of categories. Now you can define your maincat and subcat columns from the csv so they
will be re-written to a new maincat/subcat notation. This way magento can automaticly create the catalog structure in the shop with our bundeld category importer add-on and software.
-Improved compatibility for special characters.
-Improved filter functions to filter out specific categories to create niche sites from large product data lists such as Pixmania-pro.

September: News about Universal Product Importer software v1.8!

NEW in upcoming UPI v1.8:
-Improved re-writing of images names from full url or just image names to correct format.
-Automatic colomn merging of categories. Now you can define your maincat and subcat columns from the csv so they
will be re-written to a new maincat/subcat notation. This way magento can automaticly create the catalog structure in the shop with our bundeld category importer add-on and software.
V1.8 will be released within 1-2 weeks.

July: A demo shop is coming featuring products imported with the Universal Product Importer software.

-We are working on a demo shop to showcase  EDC, NEDIS, Eropartner, Pixmania-pro products imported into Magento.

Update! Click here for the Live demo shop with examples of imports from different wholesalers.

Arpil/May: Software 1.7 redistribution - Meet Magento event

-As of the latest full 1.7 release with more samples and documents we have created a very powerful package for multiple csv's of any format. The new easy installer which comes with product makes our UPI 1.7 one of the most powerful importtools available.
-We are going to http://www.meet-magento.nl/ to see the latest development in Magento and talk with the most leading developers.

March: New installer package for Universal Product Importer v1.7 for Magento released!

-New improved installer package for Universal Product Importer v1.7 has now been released.
  -We've also added an improved selection box too to only select your *.txt or *.csv file.

-Magserver Studio will be updated to include the newest Magento v1.5.x version on your pc.
-Added Eropartner Erotic Wholesale Import service.
-Added EDC Wholesale Import service.

January: Universal Product Importer for Magento v1.7 released!

The highly anticipated Universal Product Importer (UPI) v1.7 has been released!

*New in our v1.7 release:
-Better Readme and documentation included.
-New Example feed with pre-made configuration and Filter options demo are included.
-Filter option for feeds implemented.
-Improved compatibiliy for special charaters and languages.
-Now included a category Import module to automaticly create the categories in your shop from csv feeds.

Older clients will be able to get the update via the forum at the end of this week.

December: Universal Product Importer for Magento 1.7 Announcement and release date.

We will release the highly anticipated v1.7 update for our Universal Product Importer (UPI) next week!

Introducing the NEW filtering option:

Now you can filter out specific categories or any data filtering to create new feeds.
This powerful option allows you to e.g. only  filter out unique sku's or categories starting with specific numbers.

-Filter Example for a Pixmania-pro csv feed:

This example will create a XML if PS3 and DS products are found in the category_ids column in a Pixmania-pro feed. After conversion you can direcly import this feed in Magento showing only PS3 and DS products, not having to filter out manually any products you do NOT want in your catalogue!

Introducing feature: utf8 to valid XML
To support Italian, Pixmania and other foreign languages special symbols/characters are now properly converted to XML.
This makes importing very compatible with many new .csv feeds!

We recommend earlier buyers all to update to v1.7 since v.1.7 adds the new filter option and has improved CSV support.

October: New Product Announcement:

-Dedicated Ingram Micro Connector coming in November.

-Universal Product Importer tested and working with new category import mod.
Import categories directly from feeds with category/subcat1/subcat2 structure.

-Fix for table error and better Filter functions included in upcoming v1.6.

September: Custom CSV filters for Universal Product Importer

Upcoming product update for Universal Product Importer:
-Allows the creation of custom filtering for CSV's (Please read the post of July).

-Working on category import features for the Universal Product Importer.

-New screencast of the installation of MagServer studio available.

Update 2:

-Working on filtering of special characters in the 'Name' column in CSV's. This currently affects some CSV's.
-FIXED Ingram Micro Import profile for Universal Product Importer. Now works again with Ingram's CSV data.
-Updated FAQ page with important Information.

05 th Aug until 16 th Aug: Holiday period.

You can still send in your inquiries and csv datafeeds to test to info[@]magdeveloper.com.
Any new purchasers will receive their license keys on return.

July: Filter functions for Universal Product Importer coming!

-We are happy to announce a coming update for the Universal Product Importer:

-Introducing custom Filters for CSV's:
You can filter out any products based on specific text/numbers defined in the SKU's or Category column of your CSV.
You can define which Text/number combinations to be used as a filter  via the new custom filter settings.

Say you want to import only specific computer products from Pixmania-Pro feeds. With the update you can now filter out those categories containing any computer related products that you define, skipping the rest you don't need.

Release will be in the first weeks of August bringing the software version to 1.5.

June: Mag Server Studio 100 euro promotional discount: Try it today and speed up your off-line development.

NEW: iDEAL Payment integration service with Magento: Click here!

May: Mag Server Studio Trailer Launch + Release date.

-Magserver Studio allows you to fully test, develop and easily migrate your Magento sitesfrom your desktop to the Internet. It’s world’s first Magento Studio to develop and test ANY Magento Commerce website and Magento Extension. Click here!
Mag Server Studio will be released this month (31 May 2010)!

NOTE: There will be a limited reduction in the first month after the product launch for all Magento Group Subscribers.
Subscribe here!

-New updated Universal Product Importer Documentation is in the making, we will now also handle the importing of attributes.
(Will automatically come free with the purchase.)

March/April: Announcing: Mag Server studio to develop quality Magento Websites.We have done it again!
In development is the amazing new Magserver studio allowing a new Magento web-development experience. Quickly read more details here!

We are also continuously improving our software and all users who will buy our universal product importer will receive support. We will soon release an update as well we have tested importing on the Magento Core API which increases the importing process with more than 500% on dataflow.
All our existing customers will get a demo if they buy our current Mag Universal software when the new product importer on (Core API) is released. The Core API is a direct connection to update products, "It's fast!". Sign up for Twitter to follow us!

Magserver studio for magento

February: Instant download fixed!
You can buy the Maguniversal Importer and Bulk Image downloader again and instantly
receive your download after your payment! Make sure to buy via the BuyNow! button.
After your payment has been made you will be redirected to the product download page!
Click here!

Paypal orders:
Dear new customers, our Magento payment system has broken down due to sudden technical issues regarding the Magento ordering system. (But don't worry!).
Payments will still be accepted. However after logging into your account (after you made your purchase) your links will not automatically be released. We will check the payment confirmation manually within one business day and send you the download links via email.
You can send us at any time an email with your payment confirmation as well.

December: Dear Magento fans, best wishes for 2010!
-At the end of this great year we share on our thoughts to celebrate the Magento platform and our vision about our powerful extensions.
Magento has proved to be a powerful platform but when it comes to conversions we want flexible data management. With our tools Magento users can automate their data and do flexible data resorting and calculations. We haven't been sitting still and we are announcing the following promising updates.

-Users can create/Configurable products update. 2010
-Users can assign grouped products from a feed. 2010
-Better conversion management, just select a folder and place your input file there. Then begin conversion.
(Already implemented in v1.31)
-New out of the box working Import profiles for whole sellers.
-Add-on for osCommerce to migrate your shop to Magento to directly import simple products.

November - Special announcement:
We are proud to announce an osCommerce2Magento software migrator which is currently in development.

November - Bulk image downloader first release coming up.
Downloading thousands of images from data-feeds has never been so easy and fast. Releases this week between 15-21 November.

New coupons will release in 22 -28 November, Week 48. December Sales, week 51 21-27.
November- Bulk image downloader will release this month
Our easy to use bulk image downloader will be released this month! Make sure to follow us. Bulk downloading images and place it directly into your Magento folder has never been so easy.

November and December will be a 50% reduction on the price of the Maguniversal importer for one week. There are a LIMITED 15 coupons to buy the universal product importer for just 100 euro.
use: "100offuniv1.3"

August/September- Improved account interface and remote downloader available in update 1.3
-XML test/converting is in progress.
-Intuitive new interface added to easily setup your settings or download remote feeds over FTP from a remote server. Update 1.3 is available for all costumers (Please mail us to recieve the update).
-A Linux installer is coming up!

Magento product importer FTP remote downloader

20 July 2009 -XML feed importer
Quickly transform XMl feeds back to CSV. -Convert XML to organised product data which can be edited into MS excel or processes using Maguniversal. You can write the data to a compatible Magento scheme. The XML feed importer is a powerful new software tool coming up to recreate organised product data from live datafeeds.

17 June 2009 - Announcing Windows and Linux users support:
Coming up: We now have tested Linux support to offer a full solution to Magento users. The Maguniversal product importer runs perfectly on the Linux platform with a minimal installation! Ubuntu users can run our software using Wine. A detailed overview will be made available with first screenshots of the powerful software running on multiple platforms.

14 June 2009 - Amazon Feeds:
The universal product importer gets an minor update to import feeds from Amazon. Users can open and rewrite big CSV files e.g. from Amazon data containing over 10.000 products. Adding cost prices and mark-up prices and categorising with our tool and freely available extensions will increase business value.

Excel Magento importer

8 June 2009 - Remote FTP downloader :
Universal product importer
Now with Free Integrated remote feed downloader for registered buyers
With this great and free update you will get a remote Feed downloader. Just setup your FTP credentials and download a feed from a remote server. Get your update for free now!
Magento product importer automate product process

New software updates for our existing costumers.
We have finished the automatic feed (CSV or TXT) downloader. It connects to a remote FTP site using your FTP settings and it can also automatically download your feed. An update will be available soon.

What do our costumers say?
This software is an excellent approach to start importing! It is a good working and helpful script.
This product sets a good base for all Magento users to start importing products from different data feeds.