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Universal Product Import

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  1. 3d Box Universal Product importer

    Offline Universal Product Importer CSV XML v1.8


    <p><span style="color: #333333;">The Universal Product Importer enables you to import any CSV or TEXT file without worrying about modifying the Magento Database. It&rsquo;s universal format allows you to import product data from any wholesaler. It's powerful re-use capabilities allows users to use the software over and over again on a wide range of data feeds. The converted data (MS XML format) can be uploaded automatically once the conversion is completed. It's user-friendly usage allows anybody to use it. The universal product importer has been tested on a wide variety of shops. It&rsquo;s a perfect solution to update product data and add the data into your Magento based shop. </span></p> Learn More
  2. Bulk image downloader for Magento (image importer)

    Bulk image downloader


    Bulk Image downloader features:
    -Download images from any whole sellers website.
    -Import a image txt list
    -Import from image row from Excel
    -Use product data to import images
    -Can be used as a standalone application or combined with the Maguniversal product importer.
    -Use this software for Magento or any other E-commerce systems. Learn More

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