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Magserver Studio

Visual Development for Magento

MagServer Studio allows you to fully test, develop and later on migrate Magento sites from your desktop to the internet.
It's world's first Magento Studio to fully develop Magento Commerce websites.

To celibrate it's release MagServer Studio will be availiable for a limited discounted price of 50% off for all buyers in the first month only!

Magserver Box

View Our Magserver introducion Movie

MagServer Studio has been launched!


Easy installation of Magserver video (1-min)

MagServer introduces the first Visual Web development environment for

Visit launch site:

Technology Overview: (Right click >Save as...)



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  1. Magserver Box

    Magserver Visual Development Studio for Magento

    Regular Price: €200.00

    Special Price: €100.00

    Now you can fully try out any version of Magento with MagServer Studio by Magdeveloper!
    MagServer Studio is a Virtual Environment to easily test and create Magento websites. (Similar to free local Magento Hosting).

    Easy manage, test, develop and migrate Magento websites with this Rapid Development Tool. Learn More

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